Fresh perspectives ○ Seeing the new in the old

Photo and writing project
for healthcare facilities

On request

Together with patients, we would like to explore the health care center from new perspectives and make visible with photos and short accompanying texts what we have discovered. If required, an exhibition can be created from the resulting works of art, be it for the health care center itself or for other places interested in it.

The time frame is free and transpires from a conversation with the respective healthcare facility.

Altogether, the power of mindfulness can be experienced for oneself, within the group's activities and for the wider environment. This art form is called contemplative photography. Contemplative pho­to­gra­phy carries a mindfulness approach within.

“Contemplative photography is the art of every day, awareness and joy within a familiar environment and the usual habits, and yes – in the midst of stress also. The looking and the camera shakes you up continuously and allows the photographer to be in the moment. Power in expression occurs by being pre­sent, authentic and by renewed observation”

─ Hiltrud Enders, in „Freude am Sehen"

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