ACE — Leadership Development for
Women Change-Makers

ACE Program

January 17 — 21, 2024
in Vienna, Austria
an offer from Leadership Associates und IFIS
Application possible at any time

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Resilienzmodell für Gemeinschaften

We would like to draw attention to the upcoming leadership program, which was specially designed for women and will be carried out by Leadership Associates from the Czech Republic and the Institute for integral Studies (IFIS) from Germany.

The new Active Citizenship Excellerator (ACE) program is ideal for women leaders in the non-profit sector (NGOs, universities, public sector). It supports them in mastering the complex challenges of the sector even better. By embedding in the global Women Lead Community, there is sustained support for further development.

Several scholarships for EU citizens are available for this program. We recently got to know and ap­prec­iate Angelika Pohnitzer, one of the project managers.

Maybe we will meet there :)

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Community Resiliency Model (CRM)®

Teacher Training

for two people from Austria

A few years ago, nine specialists were responsible for around 5,000 desperate people after a tsunami in Thailand. Adequate care for these people was not possible. This was the starting point for the de­ve­lop­ment of the Community Resiliency Model (CRM)® of the Trauma Resource Institute in California.

The aim is to enable people from a community to spread the possibilities of resilience — the de­ve­lop­ment of resistance in order to come out of particularly difficult situations stronger than before — in their own community. Elaine Miller-Karas presented this model at our online conference Migration and Mindfulness in May 2022.

Resilienzmodell für Gemeinschaften

We have now received two scholarships from the Trauma Resource Institute for the CRM® Teacher Training for February 2023. Afterwards, we will have the opportunity to spread this model in Austria if needed. Thank you so much for this generous support!

further information about CRM®

End of the year review 2022

with focus on research in science

in German-speaking countries

For MARA, the year 2022 was all about science. Our concern was to make the possibilities that arise through a mindful attitude accessible to a broader public. We were represented at a number of con­fe­ren­ces, meetings and congresses in German-speaking countries with various topics. Our lectures and workshops were based on mindfulness:

ÖDaF annual conference (Austria) The construct of collective identity and its consequences

Workshop discussions 2022 (Austria) Mindfulness as a basis for social transformation

AmiKi Online Congress (Germany) Mindfulness in German lessons for refugees

Congress for German Teachers (Switzerland) Learning with trauma with Anja Kainberger

IDT 2022 (Austria) Mindfulness in context with Happy Learning (Germany)

SLTED 2022 (Austria) How dealing with trauma experiences in the classroom in a responsible way?

ÖFEB Congress 2022 (Austria) Encountering trauma in German courses

ÖFEB Congress 2022 (Austria) Moderation of a Collective Learning

Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

In addition, we organized our own conference on the topic of Migration & Mindfulness in a constantly changing world with financial support from the Future Fund of the Republic of Austria. The individual con­tri­bu­tions can be viewed on YouTube. This conference resulted in three articles in the online magazine for ethics and mindfulness in German about an

Online resiliency project for people, situated in Ukraine by Elaine Miller-Karas (California)
Helping traumatized children by Gabriele Siebert (Austria)
Rethinking peace education by Jakob C. Fürst (Austria)

Many thanks for the common work!

Workshops & Seminars

Mindfulness in the context of learning

for educational institutions
on request

Whether school, university or an institution in the social educational sector — we would be happy to come to your institution and share our knowledge and experience with mindfulness in working with learning groups in workshops and seminars for educators. We also address the advantages for teachers and learners that arises when mindfulness is integrated into everyday learning. If necessary, we also work directly with school classes or study groups in the presence of the teacher.

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Of course we would adapt the specific content and the time frame to the individual needs
of your institution. If you are interested, just contact us to clarify more details
in a conversation. We look forward to your request!

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+43 (0)670 55 88 192

Project ideas with MARA

You are interested in mindfulness?
And you would like to find out what mindfulness actually entails?
And you have an idea for a project, which could also connect to mindfulness?
Let us know about it!

Bild East Side Gallery Berlin

We give you a clear notion of mindfulness,
and we support you in the progressing of your idea.
Maybe the concept could fit to MARA :)

Just call us or send us an email!
Everything else can be discussed further

Email senden

+43 (0)670 55 88 192

We are looking forward to your idea :)

News about MARA

We regularly develop needs-based and situation-adapted mindfulness offers, which we also im­ple­ment if possible. It is part of our self-image that we continuously inform about events of other organizations that are a good addition to MARA's content. All in all, this creates a constantly changing website. We would like to keep interested people up to date. News can be found

in our mailings via email (registration via our Newsletter platform)

on YouTube and on Facebook

and on our website

A mindful use of social media is a matter of course for us. We ask organizations whose events we would like to share beforehand. We are happy to point out events on request, provided that they complement MARA's content in a meaningful way. In addition, we make sure that we keep the number of e-mails, video clips and postings as low as possible and that the content is conveyed as pleasantly as possible. If you have any further suggestions or ideas, please let us know.

Mindful dealing with our world

Based on the global climate issue


We understand mindfulness as an internalized attitude that flows into all areas of life.

What does this mean in concrete terms?

Let's take the global climate issue as an example:
A mindful attitude enables us to look closely and grasp problems with the courage we have developed with our mindfulness practice. A perception involving all sensory organs creates a holistic picture of the situation. As a result, different, apparently diverging perspectives have space next to each other, and a solution-oriented conversation at the factual level naturally arises.

Healing Intergenerational Trauma

We see Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, as a master of an internalized mindful attitude. For this reason, he is able to address the climate issue on the occasion of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2021 with the following words:

“I am pleased to know that the United Nations Climate Change Conference - COP26 - to address the climate emergency we are facing today will be taking place in Glasgow, Scotland.

Global warming is an urgent reality. None of us is able to change the past. But we are all in a position to contribute to a better future. […]

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Thank you very much for these clear words!