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Mindfulness in school

Maria T. Kluge, founder of the meeting place and chairwoman of the Mindfulness association in Osterloh in Germany, would like to enable people in the educational sector from kindergarten to university to experience mindfulness. In 2016, together with the graphic designer Katrina Wiedner, she developed the bilingual exercise book “The Toolbox Is You“. A first look inside the book:

A Story about Breath
From the Upanishads

The senses are getting together and start having an argument about which of them is the most important one. Eyes, ears, nose and so on — and breath. As they cannot reach a solution they decide that every single sense will go on a journey for a certain period of time. And during the absence of one sense the others will observe what life is like without this respective sense. So each sense goes on a journey for a while; in the meantime, the others adjust very well to the situation. Breath is the last to leave, but before he gets very far, the others start feeling very bad, they nearly pass away, and they call out to breath: «Please come back, please come back, without you nothing, really nothing, is going well!».

The Toolbox is You

You already have everything you need (is within you …)
It invites you to notice,
discover, explore and to use it.

«You are the Toolbox!»