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Mindfulness across the German-speaking educational landscape

Through words, pictures & exercises
April 28 2021

The topic mindfulness is gaining interest in Austria. We have taken a closer look at the German-speaking edu­ca­tional landscape in schools, as well as in further education, and it has caught our attention that the subject mindfulness is being offered in diverse ways. At this online event we would like to present a few people from the field of education who will talk about mindfulness and who will also introduce us to concrete mindfulness exercises.

Our event in videoclips:

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Questions raised in this event were the following:

What do we mean by mindfulness?

What effects do mindfulness exercises have on students?

What effects do mindfulness exercises have on the teachers respectively?

What happens, when people with an internalized mindful attitude shape lessons for kids, ado­les­cents, or adults?

“Thank you for all the great and inspiring suggestions! I can’t wait to hear more!”

“The fact that you share your experiences with us is very helpful and thought-provoking.”

[Mindfulness teaching] gives me such a quality in my workaday life, and it makes every day all of a sudden so meaningful, I feel energized by just seeing what is hap­pe­ning in this field. […] I feel energized by just seeing what is happening in this field. […] Well, I’m looking forward to class tomorrow.”

[…] A thought came up, wouldn’t it be wise to learn trauma-sensitive mindfulness right away and then to share, because you never know if someone and/ or who in the classroom has already experienced a trauma before.”

“Thank you, thank you so much… you are role models!!!”

─ Feedback of participants

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