Mindfulness for Austria

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Mindfulness in ArabicMindfulness for Austria

It’s about specific mindfulness exercises
designed for refugees and displaced persons
People who hold severe stress
Who may also suffer from trauma

The exercises in the languages of the refugees
combine the knowledge of trauma and resilience research
They use the impact of mindfulness and support
self-management skills in times of stress

They enable a path to
deal with loss and fear of violence
They foster clarity and kindness
and are an invitation to life

These exercises can easily be
integrated into existing psychosocial services
as well as into German courses
The exercises can be in addition
to therapeutic programs

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Why we care about trauma

Unfortunately, the saying Time heals all wounds
does not apply here

Mental wounds are often
passed on to the next generation

Mental wounds often prevent one from working
and learning properly and sometimes
diminish the ability to empathize

An evaluation by Peter A. Levine, one of the most experienced
trauma experts worldwide, is interesting here:
He believes that one cause of war
may be unresolved trauma in society

If his statement rings true, then
a healthy way of dealing with trauma
could move society into peace

We see the confronting of trauma
as part of the solution