Mindfulness for Austria

We experience the development of Mindfulness for Austria as a dynamic process. We align ourselves with the most up to date approach within the EU, in terms of the con­cei­ving of projects. As a group we gather feedback, debate over next logical steps, all the while con­si­de­ring the current migration situation. Some steps could already be implemented in the last few years. Others are currently in the planning stage.

Steps already taken

Introduction of the topic Trauma sensitive mindfulness in the context of learning at national and in­ter­na­tional conferences (e.g. as part of the 9th Swiss German as a foreign / second language conference at the University of Freiburg/Fribourg 2022, the AmiKi online congress „Mindfulness with children and young people" in Germany 2022, the Winter school of the Emerging Researchers of the ÖFEB at the University of Vienna 2021, the online event "Mindfulness across the German-speaking educational landscape" in Vienna 2021)

Raising awareness by organizing events (e.g. online conference "Migration & Mindfulness in a constantly changing world" 2022, online event "Mindfulness in the German-speaking educational landscape" 2021)

Raising awareness with publications (e.g. "Healthy learning. Why we think it makes sense to include the topic of trauma in teacher training" 2020 / 2021)

Announcement of Mindfulness for Austria through various submissions (platform Bildünger, Ö1‐Initiative Reparatur der Zukunft, Orte des Respekts of the crowdfunding platform Respekt.net), Ö1 award in connection with Reparatur der Zukunft, presentation at the event Markt der Zukunft in Graz)

Networking with relevant actors, such as the University of Vienna / Mindfulness in Teacher Education and Schools, association HEMAYAT in Vienna, AFYA - association for intercultural health care in Vienna, Austrian Federal Association for Mindfulness (ÖBAM), Arbor Seminare GmbH in Germany, etc

More steps are planned

Conception, implementation, evaluation and development of trauma-sensitive mindfulness exercises in the languages of refugees and in German

Announcing the results on the internet

Transfer of trauma-sensitive mindfulness exercises to expert organizations in Austria

Development of a possible inclusion of trauma sensitive mindfulness exercises in German courses in Austria

Train‐the‐trainer Service for German teachers in Austria (e.g. workshops, webinars, open‐source material)

Overall networking