About MARA

In the spring of 2020 we had the opportunity to submit the project Mindfulness for Austria in the form of a short video as part of the initiative of the Austrian radio station Ö1 Reparatur der Zukunft. At this time Mindfulness for Austria was located at the language school Sphinx Lingua in Vienna and it was created as part of voluntary work with an organization from the Middle East. In the end, the project was awarded by the jury.
And as a result, we were offered to present our project publicly in Austria for the first time at the Markt der Zukunft in Graz, in the fall of 2020.

Mindfulness is the main theme of Mindfulness for Austria. That is why the project moved from the language school Sphinx Lingua to the nonprofit MARA in 2021. Mindfulness for Austria was born, so to speak. At this point we would like to thank Sphinx Lingua and the organization from the Middle East for creating the setup of the project Mindfulness for Austria and making all this possible.

Thank you for the generous support!