About MARA

Currently the nonprofit MARA ○ Mindfully Experiencing Life is financed by private donors and their money is used in large part for MARA’s build up. We are truly grateful for enabling MARA’s growth! Regardless, the work for its development takes place in our spare time.
We want to thank everyone in the efforts!

In its 1rst year of the nonprofit, one of our goals is to create a financial basis for MARA, allowing the work to have long-term effects. We are achieving it through a great deal of communication with possible private donors, businesses, who care about our topics. But also by submitting applications to public sector entities, foundations, endowment funds, etc., in Austria. Thank you to all who have contributed in this great work!

MARA is striving towards thrift, economic efficiency, austerity and practicality, in regards to financial means. Many working hours happen during our time off.

We get excited about people who care about the same issues and who are willing to support us in any way possible. Support can take many forms: donations in terms of time, space, communication, contact, money, etc. If you are interested in supporting MARA we are looking forward to hearing from you. Often in the course of a conversation about the various options on how to help, one option crystallises into something that could work for both sides.

Thank you for expressing interest!